Meet us

We work to enrich our customers’ lives with finance products designed to be flexible, so they can shape them to their unique needs.

But we also pride ourselves on the way we support and enrich the lives of the people that work for us.

We’re always working towards a future where we look out for each other and the things that matter.

At the heart of TFA is our commitment to:

Continuous Improvement

“We’re never satisfied with where we are – we’re always looking for better ways of doing things. Every decision we make, is for our customer’s benefit and we’re all empowered to identify areas for improvement and to provide practical solutions.”

Georgina, Quality Process Improvement Strategist

Respect for people

“We respect each other, take responsibility, do our best to build mutual trust and work as a team.”

Rahul, QA Lead

Diversity & Inclusion

“Everyone is welcome, safe and heard – so we can all contribute to meaningful goals, together as one team.”

Krystle, Diversity & Inclusion Manager


Professional & Personal Growth

“Recognition and progression here really is about being authentic and bringing who you are to work.”

Ryan, Learning & Development

A healthier approach to life

“Passion is the thing that drives us forward but being able to do an incredible job working from home, with my pet, and all the flexibility I need, is what I love most about TFA.”

Bec, Learning & Development