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Toyota Finance Australia Careers

Toyota is a globally recognised brand, so you probably know something about us already. Maybe you or someone you know drives a Toyota or Lexus?

Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC) is a global wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and supports motor vehicle sales by making finance available to customers and dealers.

In Australia there are two separate Toyota businesses; Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) in Melbourne, and Toyota Finance Australia (TFA) with headquarters in Sydney (that’s us). While we work closely together, TMCA focuses on vehicles and here at Toyota Finance Australia our priority is to provide finance, insurance and fleet management services.

Back in 1982, we were the very first Financial Services business in Toyota to be established. We’ve grown to be Australia’s largest automotive financier and a leader in the worldwide TFSC group. You’ll find our products and services offered through 700 dealers under the Toyota and Lexus brands in Australia, as well as through our Hino (trucks and buses) and Powertorque (finance) brands.

Our success

Our national presence is one of the reasons why we are successful in Australia. Most Australians, including those working in the outback and far north of the country, have access to TFA through our regional offices and local Toyota dealers.

Toyota Finance Australia headquarters (HQ) sits on the lower north shore, 4km from Sydney’s CBD in St Leonards. Around 450 people are based at HQ including most of the central business functions and our NSW sales offices.

Alongside our Retail, Finance & Insurance and Toyota Fleet Management streams, there are opportunities in our organisation across all functions you’d expect in a large company from Human Resources to Information Technology, Corporate Services, Marketing, Risk and Legal, Audit & Compliance, and our National Customer Solutions Centre – that responds to 400,000 customer phone calls each year and aims to deliver a positive experience for each one.

We’re continually adapting to meet the future needs of customers, so we have a keen focus on new business development and we’re driving a large transformation program.

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