Applications for our 2022 graduate program open on 2 August – 12 September 2021

About the Program

Toyota Finance Australia (TFA) is now looking for our next generation of professionals to join our established graduate development program commencing in February 2022.

We offer a learning and development opportunity that puts you in the driver’s seat of your graduate program experience and ultimately, your career.

Opportunities are available in our Sydney and Melbourne offices.

We will work with you to design your two year program as you identify your preferred business areas. Our program will help you to access world- class learning and development opportunities that include; structured workshops, formal qualifications and on the job learning, whilst shadowing with industry leaders. You will have a challenging two years, as you grow and transition from a university student to a lifelong learner in the workplace.

We invest in our graduates through a competitive salary and both personal and professional opportunities, empowering our graduates to own their development. Your exposure to a broad spectrum of business operations will provide you with valuable insight into how Toyota Finance Australia is leading the future of mobility and revolutionising the automotive financial services industry in Australia.

Why Toyota Finance Australia?

As Australia’s leading automotive financier, we anticipate and adapt to change to ensure relevance in a continuously changing digital age. Our company culture, global brand and values are something we take pride in and are a strong area of focus leading to loyal employees and customers.

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Your Journey – Graduate Program Experience

We aim to get the best from you as you proactively contribute to the success of Toyota Finance Australia. We immerse our graduates in our kaizen culture, where we encourage continuous improvement.

We facilitate an environment of support and help you connect with your peers on the graduate program as well as build a network throughout the business, through the structured rotations.

Highlights of the program include exposure to many networking opportunities and immersion in our culture through our flexible hours, social sport, activities and benefits.

One of our key program objectives is to offer support to graduates as they transition from study to early professionals and this is achieved as you rotate through different departments, accelerating your transferable skills and cross business knowledge. Our graduates are encouraged to take ownership of tasks and build up their own capabilities during each rotation by being involved in ‘real’ hands-on work.” As your skillset and areas of interest evolve over the program duration, we encourage you to continue to explore areas beyond which you have studied.

Our program encourages resilience, self-reflection and being in the driver’s seat for your future. In the second half of the program, we partner with you in exploring career opportunities beyond the program and aim to guide your transition into permanent roles at Toyota Finance Australia.

Rotation Locations

Our Graduate 2022 cohort will have the opportunity to be based on rotations in our Sydney (St Leonards, Olympic Park) or Melbourne offices (Port Melbourne, Scoresby).

In Sydney we have departments such as IT, Human Resources, Transformation and Project Management, Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Fleet Management and many more.

We are delighted to introduce the Graduate Program to Melbourne for the first time for this campaign. We have departments such as Sales and Fleet Management in Port Melbourne and Service and Fulfillment, Shared Services and Human Resources in Scoresby.

Our rotations enable our talented graduates to have exposure to a collaborative network that fosters a unified and customer focused culture, enhanced skill development and career progression via cross skill opportunities that will help to develop a passionate, capable and engaged workforce.

Graduate Q&A

(2021 Graduate, currently on rotation in Credit Risk)

What does a typical week look like for you?

A typical week for me consists of two main tasks. Firstly, reviewing dealer and fleet applications to see if they have capacity to service their debts. Secondly, working with the credit risk team to amend Personal Property Securities Register contracts.

What has been your greatest challenge so far on the TFA Graduate Program?

Adjusting to a hybrid work life in which you are only in the office 2 days a week, makes it challenging to learn from other team members and ask questions, however it does teach you to be curious on your own and work better autonomously.

(2021 Graduate, currently on rotation in KINTO)

What is a surprising experience that you have had on the Graduate Program?

Coming from a non-business background, I was worried how well I could fit into this role, but I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of continued support I have received throughout my rotation. This support has definitely allowed me to grow and improve my skill set beyond what I have studied.

Describe the TFA Graduate Program in one word.

“Valued”- It is easy to assume your work and efforts are not valued as a graduate, however working at TFA I’ve felt that my voice is heard and that my work contributes towards the overarching goals of my team and the company.

(2021 Graduate, currently on rotation in Quality Process Improvement)

What have you enjoyed most about the TFA Graduate Program so far?

I’ve really enjoyed that our Graduate cohort is supported with our learning and development with professional development activities and workshops embedded regularly throughout the program.

What is a surprising experience that you have had on the Graduate Program?

I was most surprised by the various opportunities to gain exposure to and involved with other business units, for example working groups and improvement initiatives. I always felt welcomed to ask questions and join in on meetings and projects to learn more.

(2021 Graduate, currently on rotation in Finance Operations)

What are the learning and development opportunities like at TFA?

There are a lot of learning and development opportunities at TFA. An example is the graduate program itself which consists of 4 rotations which give you a wide exposure to different areas in TFA.

Describe the TFA Graduate Program in one word.

If I had to describe the TFA Graduate program in one word it would have to be opportunity. There is opportunity all around you when you are a graduate at TFA and what matters is how you take that opportunity and turn it into an experience.

(2021 Graduate, currently on rotation in Data Science)

What is a surprising experience that you have had on the Graduate Program?

A surprising experience for me so far on the graduate program would have to be the nature of the work. Coming in as a grad I didn’t really think I would be assigned my own personal project which adds direct value to the team, the customers, and the company as a whole, and I found that as a really positive experience.

What do you enjoy most about working for TFA?

What I enjoyed the most about working at TFA I would have to say, the culture and the big focus on people. Everyone you meet is so helpful and so approachable and they are always willing to lend a helping hand, and that’s what I love the most.

(2020 Graduate, currently on rotation in Internal Audit)

What do you enjoy most about working for TFA?

I really like the openness and respect that everyone has towards each other and their willingness to help guide you in your work and provide support in times when you may be struggling. The teams I’ve been in have been very close-knit and like a family so you don’t just feel like another number.

What are the learning and development opportunities like at TFA?

TFA are very supportive in learning and development and the business provides great support for everyone in the company. There is consistently a drive to uplift skills and I’ve been able to enrol in external short courses with the Australian Institute of Management. I have also had the opportunity to complete a Cert. IV in Credit Management through the Graduate program.

(2021 Graduate, currently on rotation in Fleet Sales)

What is a surprising experience that you have had on the Graduate Program?

The most surprising experience I had at TFA was in my first month or so. I went out to one of the dealerships at Chatswood Toyota for a customer meeting. I got to speak with the Managing Director there for a while and afterwards he invited me along to one of his corporate golf days. It was something I never would have expected as a grad.

Describe the TFA Graduate Program in one word.

One word I’d use to describe the grad program is involved. You’re involved in all parts of the business from customer meetings, to internal management meetings through to social events with the company. The grads are there for all parts of the journey.

(2020 Graduate, currently on rotation in Marketing)

What have you enjoyed most about the TFA Graduate Program so far?

The thing I have enjoyed most about the TFA Graduate Program is the opportunities that have come my way. Being an employee who has cross functional knowledge and an enhanced network has allowed me to bring extensive ideas for continuous improvement within each of my rotations as well as giving me the opportunity to be involved in a variety of committees and working groups.

What is a surprising experience that you have had on the Graduate Program?

What is a surprising experience that you have had on the Graduate Program?
The most surprising experience I’ve had as part of the TFA Graduate program is that regardless of what business unit you are in, everyone treats you as if you are another member of the team. You are just as accountable for your deliverables as everyone else and your wins are celebrated just as much as anyone else’s. Everyone is shown respect, no matter your grade or title.

(2020 Graduate, currently on rotation in Treasury)

What do you enjoy most about working for TFA?

I really value how deeply the organisation values continuous improvement and investment into its staff. Whether a part of the graduate program or not, TFA is committed to offering rotation and secondment opportunities to foster diverse learning and growth. I look forward to being able to work in such a cross-functional manner, even after rolling off the graduate program.

Describe the TFA Graduate Program in one word.


(2020 Graduate, currently on rotation in Retention)

What does a typical week look like for you?

A typical week for me at TFA has changed significantly due to Covid-19. I am able to attend a variety of virtual and in person meetings, communicate with the other graduates about different projects that we are working on as well as also continually improve on tasks I am assigned every week.

Describe the TFA Graduate Program in one word.

The word I would use to describe the TFA graduate program is innovative. Despite the many challenges, we’ve had with Covid -19 and remote working, the graduate program has still provided many learning opportunities to understand different areas of the business through meetings and virtual activities.

(2020 Graduate, currently on rotation in Digital)

Describe the TFA Graduate Program in one word.

Diverse – Going through 4 separate rotations you meet so many different people which in turn teaches you about managing task output and relationships.

What is a surprising (positive) experience that you have had on the Graduate Program?

Being able to meet and visit so many of our different business partners outside of the organisation e.g. vendors and agencies.

(2020 Graduate, currently on rotation in the Project Management Office)

What are the learning and development opportunities like at TFA?

Learning and development opportunities come in many different forms in TFA. As a Graduate the whole program is centred around our personal and professional growth in our early career. There are also the more formalised development opportunities that TFA makes available and encourages all employees to take. But for me personally it’s the learnings I’ve acquired from those around me while completing my day-to-day that have made the most impact, and that’s attributed to the culture at TFA.

Describe the TFA Graduate Program in one word.


What do we offer?

We encourage your talent, passion and belief to consistently explore and challenge the status quo. Our focus on continuous improvement means people grow professionally and personally. We offer on-the-job development including rotation programs, mentoring, coaching and secondments.

You will be supported to make a difference in our business. The reason people love working here is because of our culture and the feeling of belonging. It is about being proud to work for Toyota Finance Australia.

We also offer a range of excellent employee benefits, learn more here

Download our Benefits Booklet here

What are we looking for

We are looking for graduates who are..

  • Optimistic, enthusiastic and who enjoy being involved in a variety of different business activities
  • Comfortable managing information and making decisions
  • Keen to continuously improve, hear constructive feedback and make changes to ensure they keep growing
  • Team players and get a buzz from delivering results
  • Capable at prioritising and who never miss a deadline
  • Fluent in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Toyota Finance Australia is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome applications from everyone irrespective of gender and ethnicity.  We stand for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and achieved our Workplace Gender Equality Agency citation for being an Employer of Choice in 2020.


We would love to hear from you if you have qualified with a University Bachelor degree or Master’s Degree between July 2020 and November 2021.

You must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia, or a citizen of New Zealand.

If you are successful for the program you will undergo background verification checks before you start employment.

Application Process

Apply Online

Applicants apply online for the 2022 Graduate Program. Please submit your resume and cover letter.

Phone Interview

Selected applicants will be contacted to arrange a phone interview. We will ask you specific questions about your skills and experience and why you are interested in the Graduate Program at Toyota Finance Australia.

Online Psychometric Assessment

Successful applicants from the phone interview will be invited to complete an online psychometric assessment.

Assessment Centre

Applicants that reach this stage will be invited to attend an assessment centre in October in Sydney (NSW) or Scoresby (VIC), dates to be confirmed later. This is an opportunity to learn more about Toyota Finance Australia, the graduate program and for you to demonstrate your skills. Be prepared to participate in presentations and group activities with other candidates on the day.


If successful following the assessment centre, candidates will provide 2 references to the Talent Acquisition team.

Background Checks

If you progress to the next stage we will commence background checks.


If you are successful through all steps of the selection and assessment process we will present you with an offer of permanent employment.

We will stay in contact with you from here and up until your start date on 1st February 2022.

How to Apply

If you’re excited about joining an organisation that has limitless desire for change and improvement, and is always going above and beyond expectations, we would love to hear from you.

Please submit a cover letter and resume.

We will stay in contact with you from here and up until your start date on 1st February 2022.