Our culture

Our past gives us credibility and knowledge. But it’s what the future holds, and how we can make the world a better place, that excites us. It’s not just about technology but what it can do for people.

We’re a trusted and progressive brand that challenges the every-day. We’re always pushing ourselves to set new benchmarks and change the world in amazing new ways. The world is now a different place. And it continues to change at an increasing pace. For us, change is a force to be celebrated.

We are people with a similar attitude to life, no matter our age or background.

  • We are actively involved in creating a better tomorrow
  • We find thrill in the unknown
  • We believe technology is a tool for positive change and equality
  • We challenge norms
  • We are connected and curious – inspired by global and local
  • We work smarter and go further

Change is an opportunity to shape the future, to ensure that the Toyota feeling continues to live in the new world of mobility. From small steps to giant leaps. Subtle tweaks to complete reinventions. To keep us moving in the right direction, we are guided by a set of drivers that define our competitive edge.

Anything is possible

We are inspired by impossible. It is our start point. We innovate to inspire positive change in the world, to make ideas deemed impossible, possible.

Genuine, valued relationships and actions

We build authentic connections. We’re approachable, building loyalty and advocacy for our brand.

Never stand still

We challenge conventions. Kaizen drives our business – we’re always looking for better ways.

Anticipate, act and be bold

We are instinctive and distinctive. We anticipate what lies ahead. We have the ability to shape the curve.

Our purpose is to make a difference by enabling people to connect to what matters most.

The Toyota Way

Driven by the global vision of Toyota Financial Services to create value by enabling freedom of movement, our mission is to empower people to innovate making mobility possible.

The Toyota Way is a set of guiding principles that was first published in 2001 and shared to this day with all new employees across the globe; it’s the way we do business and often described as Toyota’s DNA; the nervous system for all Toyota organisations.

The Toyota Way philosophy is supported by two pillars:

Continuous improvement

We’re never satisfied by where we are. We are always looking for better ways of doing things.

Respect for people

We respect each other, take responsibility, do our best to build mutual trust and work as a team.

These two pillars are at the heart of how we work, they are woven into Hoshin Kanri which is the business planning process used across Toyota. Hoshin means ‘setting a direction’ and Kanri means managing. You’ll find The Toyota Way integrated in corporate and business unit hoshins and people’s individual hoshins (performance plans).

Our shared behaviours

The success of TFA is built on the achievements of talented people who are supported, skilled and motivated to do great things for our guests. The TFA behaviours is a framework to discuss and assess how we do things, not just what we do. It’s aligned to four core elements where the Customer is the central focus of our organisation’s efforts. The behaviours also form part of people’s individual hoshins along with performance and development goals.

We value these behaviours because they support us all in TFA to:

  • Retain guests for life though customer focus and collaboration.
  • Create sustainable value for our guests by being agile and innovative.
  • Lead, inspire and empower by doing our best.
  • Deliver excellence by taking ownership and influencing others.

Meet our Leaders

Craig Neville

Craig Neville

General Manager - Retail Finance and Insurance

Globally TFA is the third largest of all Toyota Financial Service Companies in terms of net receivables. USA and Japan are the leaders.

Christie Welsh

Christie Welsh

Vice President Support Services

Our leaders are well equipped in the sense that they understand the business so deeply. They understand our history and strategy.

Employee testimonials

Sascha Towson,
HR Operations Team – Business Services

TFA is almost in my DNA! My career with the company spans 20 years+. I have seen TFA grow from 300 people to 1200 and with that, many wonderful, talented people have joined our family. TFA’s philosophy of continuous improvement allows its employees to shine and flourish and as the company grows. I feel privileged to be on this journey with TFA, not to mention the amazing car benefits my family and I enjoy.

Renuka Kapadia,
People Performance Manager

I have been employed at Toyota Finance for over 7 years now and I can say that it is one organisation that truly values its people. With a supportive management group that nurtures its talent, a multitude of employee benefits and use of fantastic modern-day facilities, working at TFS is nothing short of a privilege. It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey.

Daniel Newby,
Lead Lending Analyst

What I love about working for Toyota Finance is knowing how I can make an impact on everyday Australians. Coming in and making a difference to the life’s of people seeking a new car is something special.
The people and team that I work with do an amazing job to make me feel welcome, valued and appreciated. The ability to work flexible hours helps with my work-life balance and the benefits that come with the job just add to the overall pleasure of working here. Would highly recommend working for a great company like Toyota Finance.