Applications for our 2021 graduate program open on 3 August – 25 September 2020

About the Program

Toyota Finance Australia (TFA) is now looking for our next generation of professionals to join our established graduate development program commencing in January 2021.

We offer a learning and development opportunity that puts you in the driver’s seat of your graduate program experience and ultimately, your career.

We will work with you to design your two year program as you identify your preferred business areas. Our program will help you to access world- class learning and development opportunities that include; structured workshops, formal qualifications and on the job learning, whilst shadowing with industry leaders. You will have a challenging two years, as you grow and transition from a university student to a lifelong learner in the workplace.

We invest in our graduates through a competitive salary and both personal and professional opportunities, empowering our graduates to own their development. Your exposure to a broad spectrum of business operations will provide you with valuable insight into how Toyota Finance Australia is leading the future of mobility and revolutionising the automotive financial services industry in Australia.

Why Toyota Finance Australia?

As Australia’s leading automotive financier, we anticipate and adapt to change to ensure relevance in a continuously changing digital age. Our company culture, global brand and values are something we take pride in and are a strong area of focus leading to loyal employees and customers.

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Your Journey – Graduate Program Experience

We aim to get the best from you as you proactively contribute to the success of Toyota Finance Australia. We immerse our graduates in our kaizen culture, where we encourage continuous improvement.

We facilitate an environment of support and help you connect with your peers on the graduate program as well as build a network throughout the business, through the structured rotations.

Highlights of the program include exposure to many networking opportunities and immersion in our culture through our flexible hours, social sport, activities and benefits.

One of our key program objectives is to offer support to graduates as they transition from study to early professionals and this is achieved as you rotate through different departments, accelerating your transferable skills and cross business knowledge. Our graduates are encouraged to take ownership of tasks and build up their own capabilities during each rotation by being involved in ‘real’ hands-on work.” As your skillset and areas of interest evolve over the program duration, we encourage you to continue to explore areas beyond which you have studied.

Our program encourages resilience, self-reflection and being in the driver’s seat for your future. In the second half of the program, we partner with you in exploring career opportunities beyond the program and aim to guide your transition into permanent roles at Toyota Finance Australia.

Graduate Q&A


What inspired you to apply for this position?

The Diversity in experience it provides and the freedom to choose which departments you want to get exposure to. In addition, Toyota being a Global brand and having such a strong reputation I really wanted to be a part of that.

What has been the most unexpected part of working at Toyota Finance?

As a graduate, the most unexpected part has been how valued our perspective and opinions are and being trusted to work on our own tasks or parts of a project.

Describe your background, where you studied and your current graduate rotation at Toyota Finance.

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, and a Double Master in Property Development and Project Management at UTS. Currently starting with the Retail Finance & Insurance Training team (Retail Finance & Insurance) as a Graduate Training Coordinator.


What do you enjoy most about working at Toyota Finance as a Graduate?

The thing I like the most about TFA is the diversity. It is not just a finance company, providing guests with vehicle finance but focusing on mobility for all. Being able to see various projects and ideas come to life, as part of one global company focused on respect for people and continuous improvement.

What do you like the most about the culture at Toyota Finance?

The culture at Toyota Finance is very positive and encouraging. Embracing every new challenge as an opportunity to learn, not as a problem, but rather an opportunity to explore new prospects and improvements for efficient business practices.

Describe your background, where you studied and your current graduate rotation at Toyota Finance.

I studied a Bachelor of Business (HR and Tourism) at Western Sydney University from 2017-2019. Throughout my studies, I worked in the National Collections Centre at North Ryde in a part time position. My first rotation was in the compliance team however due to COVID-19 I have had the opportunity to complete a secondment in hardship and lending.


What is the thing you like the most about working for Toyota Finance?

The openness and opportunities available. Particularly as a graduate, all the departments are so open and willing to provide you with opportunities to grow and develop. You have access to a variety of careers and subject areas, regardless of your background.

What do you like the most about the culture at Toyota Finance?

The genuinely deep-rooted Kaizen mindset across the company. It is not something that is just advertised, everyone really does strive for continuous improvement, maximising efficiency and challenging the status quo.

What support do you get in your role?

One of the best aspects of the grad program is you are supported in so many different avenues. You have the support of your grad cohort, the 2019 grad cohort, your buddy, HR and your immediate team and manager. But on top of that, you have the support of everyone at TFA. Most people know who the grads are and are always willing to make you feel welcome and provide advice/support if you reach out.


What do you enjoy most about working at Toyota Finance as a Graduate?

I love the opportunities that come from working at Toyota Finance. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis we had the opportunity to work in Operations and learn skills in areas of the business that many others may never get the chance to.

What do you like the most about the culture at Toyota Finance?

I enjoy the friendly, respectful and engaged culture at TFA. Everyone is always ready to give a hand.

Describe your background, where you studied and your current graduate rotation at Toyota Finance.

While studying Human Resources at Macquarie University I worked as a fast food manager which paved my career aspirations towards working with people. My last rotation was in retail finance and insurance training which gave me extensive insight into how we train our key people in dealerships.


What is one word you would use to describe the graduate program?

“Progressive” – from my first rotation I’ve been learning so much and as such have been progressing my knowledge of business so much further than what I was taught in university.

What has been your proudest achievement on the graduate program so far?

Being able to assist the hardship team in helping thousands of guests has definitely been my proudest achievement so far.


What do you like the most about the culture at Toyota Finance?

Its inclusivity and how willing everyone is to help and teach you should you ask for it. It feels like you are really part of a greater team / Toyota family.

What’s been the most unexpected part of working at Toyota Finance?

The responsibility and expectations they place on you – helping and carrying out critical roles ad contributions.

What do we offer?

We encourage your talent, passion and belief to consistently explore and challenge the status quo. Our focus on continuous improvement means people grow professionally and personally. We offer on-the-job development including rotation programs, mentoring, coaching and secondments.

You will be supported to make a difference in our business. The reason people love working here is because of our culture and the feeling of belonging. It is about being proud to work for Toyota Finance Australia.

We also offer a range of excellent employee benefits, learn more here

Download our 2020 Benefits Booklet here

Our Purpose, Mission and Vision

Our Purpose is our WHY. Why we are here. Our motivation, why we get up in the morning and why we exist.

The WHY can guide us to act with authenticity as well as certainty.

Our Mission is our How. The specific actions we take to realise our WHY.

The Vision is WHAT we do and the results of our WHY.

The WHY comes from the past but its promise lies in the future providing you with a point of reference for everything you do going forward.

At Toyota Finance Australia we work with purpose, on purpose, and as an organisation we start with WHY.

“Create value by enabling freedom of movement.”


We must always create value for all our Customers and stakeholders. We must do this by proactively looking for new ways to deliver products, services or experiences. And we need to do this through innovation, business transformation and new technology.


We need to redefine our role within Toyota to one that leads in enabling our Customers to access products and services with whatever channels best meet their needs.


We need to understand the needs of our Customers. We will continue to have diverse Customers, each with diverse movement needs, both physically and emotionally.

“​​To Make a difference by enabling​​ people to connect to what matters​​ most.”

Making a Difference

We need to make a difference to people’s lives by going that extra mile to provide transparent, reliable and flexible service, ensuring TFA values a​re the embodiment of everything we do. We can create value by going above and beyond expectations by striving for high quality.

Enabling People

Our attention should be focused on enabling our people to transform the impossible into the possible. We can do this by giving them the freedom to make their own choices. We must travel on the same journey as our Guests, to go places we thought were not possible.

What Matters Most

We must recognise what matters most to our Guest, no matter who they may be, by listening to what is important to them right now. We need to understand their concerns and always be proactive in our response to their needs. Our Guests should be considered our family and we strive to provide them every opportunity of freedom of movement.

“We empower people to innovate making mobility possible​.”

Empower People

Our aim should be to inspire by providing new products and services that improve lives, enabling our Guest’s aspirations to be fulfilled. We achieve this by respecting, trusting and supporting our employees to ensure an exceptional customer experience. We must hold ourselves accountable, openly accept mistakes and take responsibility for our actions.


We need to be united in our motivation to transform and grow. Through a limitless desire for change and improvement, we must adapt to the dynamic environment around us with excitement. We need to provide products and services that have the power to transform lives.


Mobility to us must not only getting from A to B but also enabling our Guests to overcome the physical and mental barriers that obstruct them from getting where they need to be. It’s about quality of life in all its forms and the kind of connectedness that fundamentally enhances our life experience. ​

What are we looking for

We are looking for graduates who are..

  • Optimistic, enthusiastic and who enjoy being involved in a variety of different business activities
  • Comfortable managing information and making decisions
  • Keen to continuously improve, hear constructive feedback and make changes to ensure they keep growing
  • Team players and get a buzz from delivering results
  • Capable at prioritising and who never miss a deadline
  • Fluent in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Toyota Finance Australia is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome applications from everyone irrespective of gender and ethnicity.  We stand for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and achieved our Workplace Gender Equality Agency citation for being an Employer of Choice in 2020.


We would love to hear from you if you have qualified with a University Bachelor degree or Master’s Degree between July 2019 and November 2020.

You must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia, or a citizen of New Zealand.

If you are successful for the program you will undergo background verification checks before you start employment.

Application Process

Apply Online

Applicants apply online for the 2021 Graduate Program. Please submit your resume and cover letter.

Phone Interview

Selected applicants will be contacted to arrange a phone interview. We will ask you specific questions about your skills and experience and why you are interested in the Graduate Program at Toyota Finance Australia.

Online Psychometric Assessment

Successful applicants from the phone interview will be invited to complete an online psychometric assessment.

Assessment Centre

Applicants that reach this stage will be invited to attend an assessment centre on Thursday 15th October in Sydney. This is an opportunity to learn more about Toyota Finance Australia, the graduate program and for you to demonstrate your skills. Be prepared to participate in presentations and group activities with other candidates on the day.


Successful candidates from the assessment centre will be invited to attend a behavioural based interview on Tuesday 20th October.  Be prepared to expand on your experiences and demonstrate key skills and behaviours with a business leader.


If successful following the interview, candidates will provide 2 references to the Talent Acquisition team.

Background Checks

If you progress to the next stage we will commence background checks.


If you are successful through all steps of the selection and assessment process we will present you with an offer of permanent employment.

We will stay in contact with you from here and up until your start date on 28th January 2021.

How to Apply

If you’re excited about joining an organisation that has limitless desire for change and improvement, and is always going above and beyond expectations, we would love to hear from you.

Please submit a cover letter and resume.